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Trucks Games - Free Online Games

Welcome at BrightyGames.comIf you are already a truck games fan or you are new in this kind of games you are in the right place! You have great opportunities to drive excellent trucks in different environments, as beach, mountain, or driving your 18 wheelers through the snow in Arctic route. Trucks are the biggest, most powerful vehicles you can drive on a highway. Monster trucks are a type of truck that isn't used to carry things. Instead, there's a whole sport that developed around these modified pick-up trucks with huge wheels and suspension. You have to concentrate on being the fastest, meanest, most dangerous racer on the track. All games are with excellent graphics and realistic models of vehicles. In some games you can choose your terrain and customize your truck. They are all realistic and offers players a lot of fun. To be a truck driver is fun and a responsible job. Or you can drive around crushing lot of cars with your monster truck. These free online truck games will offer you all the excitement of a truck rally, and more, because you have the possibility of controlling the trucks, not just watching them. What are you waiting for?