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Game info: Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy

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Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy - Ride the Wave of Ultimate Beach Style! 
Welcome to Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy on, the game where every tide brings a fresh wave of style and fashion excitement! Dive into this immersive world and help two fabulous girlfriends, Wednesday Addams and Moana, celebrate the new beach season with grace and panache. Each girl has her distinctive sense of fashion and style, and it's up to you to combine their swimsuits with a variety of accessories to create unforgettable summer looks. Don’t forget to pick up a surfboard or a paddleboard to complete their beach ensemble. Get ready for thrilling water adventures and become the most stylish icons on the entire coast!

Wednesday Addams - Elegance Meets Mystery 🖤
In Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy, you will encounter the ever-mysterious, Wednesday Addams. Known for her love of all things dark and elegant, Wednesday brings her unique style to the beach. Her wardrobe is a collection of sleek, black swimsuits that perfectly capture her sophisticated yet enigmatic personality.

  • Chic Black Swimsuits: Choose from a stunning range of black swimsuits that epitomize elegance and sophistication.
  • Gothic Accessories: Pair her swimsuits with dark sunglasses, stylish hats, and gothic jewellery to complete her look.
  • Signature Surfboards: Select a surfboard that matches her distinctive aesthetic, adding a touch of mystery to her beach outfit.

Moana - Vibrant Beauty and Tropical Joy 
Colourful Swimsuits: Dive into Moana's collection of swimsuits, filled with vivid colours and eye-catching floral designs.
Playful Accessories: Enhance her tropical look with statement bracelets, vibrant necklaces, and playful anklets.
Dynamic Paddleboards: Choose a paddleboard that complements her lively style, ensuring she stands out on the water.

Fashion Freedom - Mix, Match, and Experiment 🎨
One of the most thrilling aspects of Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy is the freedom to mix and match outfits as much as you like. You can experiment with countless combinations to create the perfect look for both Wednesday and Moana. This endless opportunity for creativity means that every visit to the beach can be a new fashion adventure.

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes: Enjoy the freedom to change outfits as often as you like, exploring new styles and combinations.
  • Creative Combinations: Mix different swimsuits, accessories, and boards to find the perfect look for any occasion.
  • Fashion Experiments: Discover new styles and trends as you experiment with different fashion elements.

Surf the Waves: Take Wednesday on a sleek surfboard and let her mysterious style shine.
Paddleboard Adventures: Glide with Moana on her vibrant paddleboard, showcasing her joyful fashion sense.
Stylish Action: Combine fashion with action-packed adventures for an immersive gaming experience.

How to Play - Your Ultimate Guide
Select Your Character: Choose between the elegant Wednesday Addams and the vibrant Moana.
Pick the Perfect Outfit: Browse through their unique wardrobes and select swimsuits, accessories, and boards.
Mix and Match: Experiment with different combinations to create the ultimate beach look.

Join the Fashion Frenzy on
Ready to make waves with your fashion sense? Head over to and dive into the world of Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy. Whether you’re a fan of Wednesday’s sleek style or Moana’s colourful charm, this game offers a delightful blend of fashion and fun that will keep you entertained for hours. So grab your surfboard, choose your outfit, and let’s ride the fashion wave together online in this crazy girl game!


Can I play Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy on my phone?
Yes, the HTML5 version of the Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy game is free on all mobile devices here on Brightygames!

Date Added           Chicago Time: 25 June 2024 06:24
Developer               DL-Girls developed the Wave Chic Ocean Fashion Frenzy game.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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