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What Is Subway?
🚇 Welcome to "Subway," the latest 3D train driver simulator game that immerses you in the exciting world of subway operations! Gear up for a thrilling experience filled with tasks, challenges, and the responsibility of ensuring a smooth subway journey.

🚆 As the subway train driver, you'll have the opportunity to select from a variety of modern electric train models. Your mission is clear:
- Carefully stop the train at stations, adhering to designated passenger embarkation and disembarkation zones.
- Master the art of opening and closing carriage doors, ensuring a seamless flow for passengers entering and exiting the subway train.
- Watch the distance traveled indicator, enabling precise and timely braking as you approach the next station.
- Illuminate unlit sections of the subway by activating the headlights for a safe and well-lit journey.
- Tackle dirty windshields with the glass cleaning function, ensuring clear visibility throughout your subway ride.
- In case of emergencies on the tracks, swiftly engage the STOP CRANE to prevent potential hazards.
Unlock various subway lines and conquer each level with precision and skill!

🎮 Playing "Subway" is both entertaining and user-friendly:
Choose your preferred 3D subway train model from an impressive collection.
Select the metro line for your electric train's route.
Control the speed effortlessly using the speed lever (mouse or touch).

Responsively utilize functions such as STOP VALVE, Open and Close Doors, Glass Cleaner, Headlights, and Repair while the subway is in motion.

Your goal as the driver is to ensure passengers' safe and efficient transportation while successfully navigating all metro lines!

🌟 Get ready for an immersive subway experience where your skills, quick thinking, and ability to handle emergency situations will determine your success. "Subway" offers a dynamic and engaging simulation that captivates train enthusiasts and casual gamers. Hop on board, and let the subway adventure begin! 🚇🎮

Date Added          Chicago Time: 28 January 2024 09:27
Platform               PC and Web browser

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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