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Play the latest first-person Apocalyptic 3D survival games online for free on Click to play now this awesome game called Zombie Siege Outbreak.

A viral virus has transformed most humans into zombies.. you are one of the few survivals. Put your skills to the test in this fun bloodthirsty zombie game where you must defend some areas that are important to other survivals. Been an ex-police officer your shooting skills are needed to eliminate all threads and make the world a safer place. In one of the safe zone that you are guarding some researchers are developing an antidot so your mission is very important to defend the base with the cost of your life..;)) Use many tips of guns and shoot to kill as fast as possible every zombie approaching the hot zone. Upgrade your guns and buy new better weapons to help you. Choose from many types of players and play with the one that fits you.. or you can customize the appearance of it. Enjoy the nice Apocalyptic scenery and the feeling that the game brings... Enjoy the game and have fun here on!
Release Date
19 February 2018
Zombie Siege Outbreak was developed by
  • Upgrades and lots of guns.
  • Awesome Apocalyptic scene and scenery.
  • Many types of zombies with different abilities.
  • Nice looking 3D graphics.
  • A lot of players to choose and customize.

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