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What Is Cyberpunk Getaway?
Gear up for an electrifying escape through the neon-lit streets of a Cyberpunk city in the exclusive creation Cyberpunk Getaway! This sci-fi bike racing adventure is available for free on and is your ticket to a futuristic thrill ride like never before.

🚦 Fast Bikes, High Speeds, Cyberpunk Excitement: In Cyberpunk Getaway, embrace the adrenaline rush as you test three lightning-fast bikes, each with unique capabilities. Don your motorcycle helmet, fire up those powerful engines, and hit Cyberpunk City's dark streets, where every turn and twist brings a new level of excitement.

🏎️ Master the Cyberpunk Highway: Navigate the bustling night highway filled with cyberpunk-style cars using the arrow keys to drive and balance your motorbikes. The city's reflection on the wet roads enhances the excellent aesthetics as you speed through the heart of this cybernetic metropolis.

⚙️ Shift into Overdrive, but Watch Out: Press the Shift key to unleash the full potential of your bikes with a thrilling wheelie, but be cautious. It reduces your visibility ahead. Managing traffic becomes a delicate balance, averaging up to 300 km per hour, making sideways in reduced traffic lanes for safety but not getting too close. Death may be just a split-second away!

💸 Risk and Reward: Collect Points and Cash: For the daring players, riding closer to other vehicles on the road rewards you with valuable money and points. It's a risk worth taking, but beware, some vehicles change lanes unexpectedly, requiring lightning-quick reflexes to avoid a collision.

Unlock, Upgrade, And Survive: With three lives at your disposal, push your limits to survive the chaotic Cyberpunk streets. Unlock other motorcycles, each offering a unique balance and an added dose of excitement. Find the perfect ride that suits your style and helps you endure the city's challenges.

Improve Skills, Conquer Challenges: Challenge your hand-eye coordination and quick reactions in this unblocked Cyberpunk Getaway, exclusively available on Navigate the dystopian cityscape, improve your skills, and aim for victory in this dazzling online experience. Good luck with all the missions. The future is yours to conquer, like in this awesome bike racing game only on Brightygames!

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Platform               PC, and Web browsers.
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Everyone, Pegi 3

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