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Crazy MX: Ultimate Motocross Adventure

Rev up your engines and embark on the wildest motocross journey with "Crazy MX"! Navigate through challenging terrains filled with steep ascents, treacherous cliffs, and adrenaline-pumping jumps as you race against time to conquer each level.


Game Highlights:

  • Dynamic Levels: Push your limits as you traverse various thrilling stages, each designed to test your riding prowess and precision.
  • Earn & Upgrade: Showcase your skills and complete levels to earn in-game currency. Spend your hard-earned money on superior gear and cutting-edge motorcycles, equipping yourself with even more formidable challenges.
  • Impressive Bikes: Dive into the garage, home to a collection of awe-inspiring motorcycles, each boasting unique attributes that can give you the edge in your next race.
  • Boosts & Bonuses: Seize advantageous power-ups scattered throughout the tracks. Use them wisely to gain temporary bursts of speed or make game-changing maneuvers.
  • Aerial Acrobatics: Amplify your score by launching off trampolines and executing daring mid-air flips and stunts. But caution is vital; ensure you're well-positioned for landing or risk a catastrophic wipeout.
  • Master Solo Mode: As you progress, unlock unique game modes that put you in the spotlight. Here, you can refine your techniques and master the art of off-road biking without the constraints of time or competition.


Prepare for a heart-racing experience where every jump, twist, and turn could mean the difference between legendary victory or epic defeat. Whether you're a motocross maestro or a newbie eager for thrill, "Crazy MX" promises an adventure that will leave you craving more. Strap on your helmet, choose your ride, and prepare for the ultimate off-road escapade, like in many of our selected bike racing games on Brightygames!

Arrow  - B - V - player 1/move/balance/hand-free/superman
WASD - Q - P - player  2/move/balance/hand-free/superman

Platform               PC and Web browser
HTTPS Ready       Yes

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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