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What is Home Sheep Home 2 Underground?
🏑Home Sheep Home 2 Underground: A Woolly Adventure Awaits!  Are you ready to dive into a woolly world of adventure and fun? Look no further than Home Sheep Home 2 Underground, the ultimate free online skill adventure animal game available exclusively on! Join Shirley, Shaun, and little Timmy as they embark on an epic journey through various locations, facing obstacles, challenges, and thrilling puzzles along the way.
πŸ‘Become the Ultimate Shepherd: In the Home Sheep Home 2 Underground, your task is to guide our lovable trio of sheep through a series of exciting levels. Prove your skills in this new animal game by overcoming obstacles and helping the sheep reach their destination safely. Choose the right sheep for each challenge, utilizing their unique abilities to navigate through the underground tunnels and caverns.
🌟Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: With Shirley's strength, Shaun's agility, and Timmy's nimbleness, you have everything you need to conquer every obstacle in your path. Use the mouse to select your chosen sheep and the arrow keys to control their movements, including jumping. Stack the sheep on top of each other to reach higher places and collect all the socks scattered throughout the levels to unlock new challenges.
Challenge Your Skills: Prepare to test your skills and reflexes as you navigate through the underground maze of tunnels and caverns. Each level presents a new challenge, requiring quick thinking and strategic planning to overcome. Can you collect all the socks and guide the sheep to their destination? The fate of our woolly friends is in your hands!
Embark on an Epic Adventure:
Join Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy on this unforgettable journey filled with excitement, laughter, and heartwarming moments. Prove your worth as the ultimate shepherd and guide the sheep to safety in Home Sheep Home 2 Underground. Good luck, and have a brilliant time!

Developer:            Mobile Pie
Release date:         December 7, 2011
Date Added            Chicago Time: 7 February 2013 01:07
Updated On            16.02.2024
Platform                  PC and web browsers devices.

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Home Sheep Home
Home Sheep Home 2

Content rating        Pegi 5

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