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"Feline Firepower: The Quest for Meow-topia"
Step into a world where cats reign supreme, and robots are the enemy! "Kittens with Cannons" offers an exhilarating action RPG experience featuring a powerful duo, Koshka, the swift shotgun-wielder, and Marsh, the heavy artillery aficionado. With their distinct playstyles and personalities, they're ready to take on a robot army and ensure peace in the kitty kingdom. Explore a vast, pixelated realm brimming with challenges, quests, and engaging characters.

How to Play Kittens with Cannons?
Stay agile, dodging enemy fire and using the dash ability to your advantage. With only nine lives to spare, heal up with handy medical kits. As you vanquish foes, you'll gain experience to level up your feline heroes. Enhance their abilities with skill points, adapt to challenging armoured enemies with special rounds, and keep an eye out for explosive opportunities with fuel drums. Teleportation spots will aid in swift map traversal. And remember, if things get too hairy, adjust the difficulty to your liking. Dive in and save Meow-topia!

Developer: Bow Tie Cat Studios, Heat Wave Games
Publisher: Orbital Contingent
Release date: October 2023.
Available on the following platforms: Web browser (PC).

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Kittens with Cannons

Date Added            Chicago Time: 28 October 2023 13:05
Platform                 PC and mobile devices.

Content rating        Pegi 7

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