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What Is the Flakmeister Game?
🔥In the online Flakmeister game, you will engage in an intense battle for survival against impossible hurdles. It is up to you to operate the flak cannon and preserve our stronghold from being destroyed in the thick of the hostile troops' assault.
Considering that there are only sixty seconds left and the opponent is getting closer and closer, every passing instant becomes very important. You should take up your position at the back of the anti-air turret and then unleash a volley of armaments to combat the ongoing assault of nuclear bombs and enemy planes. There is no place for failure. If anything goes wrong, it will end in a successful outcome for all of us. There is no room for failure.
Nevertheless, there is no need to be concerned since the flak cannon is our last line of defence protecting us. We must improve our armament, strengthen our defences, and acquire fearsome skills to tip the scales of the fight in our favour. If you can complete each mission, you will be able to gain the resources required to reinforce your position and survive the continuously coming onslaught.
You are about to take on the role of the Flakmeister, which means you should be ready for some high adrenaline, intense conflict, and exciting action. Do you have the ability to keep a defensive position and accomplish success even though you are confronted with various additional challenges? The information is available right now and can only be found on!

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Date Added            Chicago Time: 12 January 2017 04:33
Platform                 PC and Web browsers devices.
Developer               Borington

Content rating       Pegi 10

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