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What is the "Earn to Die" Game About?
"Earn to Die" is an exciting and action-packed game where your primary objective is to upgrade your vehicle and navigate through treacherous landscapes filled with hordes of zombies. The goal is to reach your destination alive despite the numerous obstacles and undead creatures that stand in your way.
As you progress through the game, you can earn money to purchase upgrades for your car, enhancing its speed, durability, and weaponry to fend off the relentless zombie attacks better. Each level presents new challenges and more formidable zombie adversaries, making the upgrades crucial for survival and progression.
A convenient feature of the game is the automatic awarding of badges. If you have played the game before and have a record saved in the save slot, the game will recognize your achievements and automatically award you the corresponding badges. This means you don’t have to replay the entire game to earn badges you've previously unlocked, making it easier to track and display your accomplishments.

Release date:         January 2020
Date Added            Chicago Time: 8 February 2013 06:08
Updated On            28.05.2024
Platform                  PC and web browsers devices.

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Earn to die

Content rating        Pegi 10

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