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Game info: Crime And Vice City Police

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What Is Crime And Vice City Police?
Get ready to dive into the heart of chaos and lawlessness in "Crime and Vice City Police." The once-serene city has fallen prey to an onslaught of criminals, unleashing havoc on its streets. Bandit cars roam freely, spreading disorder and fear among the city's inhabitants. As a courageous police officer, it's your duty to restore order and bring peace back to the city.

In "Crime And Vice City Police," take control of a powerful police car equipped to tackle the criminal underworld head-on. The stakes are high, and you must act swiftly to prevent the formation of a dangerous gang within the city limits. While you may be a rookie cop, your reputation for handling crimes precedes you, making you the city's last hope for justice.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you switch between various police cars, navigating through a city filled with chaos and lawlessness. The city highway is teeming with other cars, some of which are driven by criminals. Your mission is clear: bring these lawbreakers to justice before their activities escalate.

But this isn't your ordinary pursuit. Witness the intense deformation of vehicles and experience realistic collisions as you engage in thrilling pursuits. Take part in a crash test of epic proportions, observing the destruction of cars in mesmerizing slow motion. The game features a groundbreaking simulation of car destruction, ensuring every collision and crash is as realistic as possible.

"Crime and Vice City Police" is not just a game. It's a high-stakes battle between law and disorder. Will you emerge as the city's savior, or will the criminals prevail? The fate of the city rests in your hands. Buckle up, hit the gas, and embark on a relentless pursuit to enforce justice and restore peace to the streets. It's time to show the criminal underworld that the long arm of the law will not be swayed. Play now and be the hero the city needs! Also, try other similar car games and the most excellent unblocked game here on BrightyGames. 🌟🏁

How to play
TAB - pause menu (or Escape)
Moving W (forward), S (backward), A (left), D (right).
Spacebar - handbrake.
Shift - nitro.
C - change camera.
R - car reset.
K - restore car.
B - slow down time.
N - switch car.

For mobile devices, use the game interface.

Date Added          Chicago Time: 31 January 2024 16:07
Platform               PC, Web browsers, and mobile devices.

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Crime and Vice City Police

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

Check the video instructions and YouTube gameplay of Crime And Vice City Police in the open world on

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