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Game info: Ultimate Flying Car 2

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Unleash the Skyward Thrills in Ultimate Flying Car 2!
The skies await in the highly anticipated sequel, Ultimate Flying Car 2, a game that takes the excitement of car racing to new heights! Whether you're a veteran player from the first instalment or a newcomer, the thrill of 2-player 3D car games with wings and the ability to soar through the clouds is an experience like no other.

Spread Your Wings with Ultimate Flying Car 2 Online!
Gear up for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you spread your wings and engage in heart-pounding races. The split-screen mode in 2P adds a competitive edge, making it a must-play for friends and solo players.

Master the Controls: Understanding the controls is key to dominating the skies.
Player 1
: Take control with WASD for driving, L-Shift for NOS boosts, F to unleash explosive power, C to adjust the camera, T to glance backwards, and R to swiftly reset the car.
Player 2: Navigate the skies with ARROWS, M for NOS boosts, J for explosive manoeuvres, O to manage the camera, L for a backward view, and U to reset your car in case things get too intense.

Compete in Racing Mode: Challenge your skills in racing mode, facing off against computer-controlled cars. Whether you opt for 1P or 2P mode, the aim remains: cross the finish line first and claim victory.
Earn and Upgrade: Every successful race earns you money to splurge on new cars from the garage. Revel in the joy of choosing and upgrading your flying vehicles, unlocking new levels of speed and excitement.

Free Driving Mode: Dive into the free-driving mode for a more relaxed experience. Enjoy the freedom to explore the city, but watch for obstacles like logs, stones, other cars, warehouses, lasers, and other hazardous elements that can stall your progress.
Share the Excitement: Don't keep the thrill to yourself! Share Ultimate Flying Car 2 with friends and fellow gamers. The more, the merrier!

We Wish You The Best In The Skyward Adventure! 
Gear up for the ultimate 3D flying car experience in Ultimate Flying Car 2! In this action-packed sequel, face challenges, conquer the skies, and race to the finish line. Whether you're soaring solo or challenging a friend, the skies are yours to conquer. May the wind be at your wings and the race be in your favour! Best of luck, fearless pilots! Return for more trucks, cars, and other fun online games unblocked here on BrightyGames!

How to play Ultimate Flying Car 2?
Player 1:
Move: "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW KEYS"(Only in 1P Mode)
Explode: "F"
Camera: "C"
Look back: "T"
Reset: "R"

Player 2:
NOS: "M"
Explode: "J"
Camera: "O"
Look back: "L"
Reset: "U".

Date Added           Chicago Time: 18 December 2023 01:22

Type                     WebGL
Developer            Rhm interactive
Platform              PC and Web browser

Tags: tag2 player tagadventure tagcrazy tagaircraft tagflying tagcar tagstunt tagkids tagaction tagracing tagdriving tagdrifting tagcar fly tagultimate flying car 2 unblocked tagtwoplayergames

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