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Game info: Samurai Vs Yakuza Beat Em Up

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What Is Samurai vs Yakuza - Beat Em Up Game About?
⚔️🏯In the video game "Samurai vs. Yakuza - Clash of Honor" developed by BrightyGames, players take on the character of a courageous samurai who is resolute in his mission to reclaim the stolen jewels from his town from the ruthless power of the Yakuza. 

Story: To oppose the tyrannical control of the criminal organization, you will need to employ your great swordsmanship abilities to battle consecutive groups of Yakuza henchmen in a variety of gorgeous locations. These settings will range from bustling metropolitan streets to peaceful temple grounds.

🗡️You will engage in intense fighting scenes, utilizing swift strikes and deft manoeuvres to free your country from the oppressive grip of the Yakuza. You will be armed with traditional swords as well as other powerful weapons that may be discovered in mysterious boxes that are dispersed around each level. 

Tips: Your rapid responses and strategic reasoning will be put to the test as you navigate through intricate environments that are teeming with adversaries. Each encounter is a new and hard task.

There is a video game called "Samurai vs. Yakuza - Clash of Honor" that has visuals that are very amazing and gameplay mechanics that are compelling. In this game, players are transported to a colourful world where the principles of honour and avarice come into conflict with one another, and the fate of a whole kingdom is at risk. 

Are you going to establish yourself as a recognized champion, or are you going to give up to the tyrannical rule of the Yakuza? Within the context of this massive struggle for justice and vindication, you have the authority to make a decision.  Best of luck in the game and with the epic fighting!

Samurai Vs Yakuza  Beat Em Up Game Controls:
W, A, S, D: Movement
Q: Roll
Shift: Run
E: Lock on enemy
Right mouse button: attack 1 
Left mouse button: attack 2
Esc/P: Pause.

Date Added      Chicago Time: 11 May 2024 11:14

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Samurai Vs Yakuza  Beat Em Up


Hammer Games Studio developed the Samurai Vs Yakuza  Beat Em Up game with WebGL technology.
Check the video instruction of Samurai Vs Yakuza  Beat Em Up online here on

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