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Do you guys feel like pumping your fists and kicking your foes in the ol' eardrums? If so, then please join us in "Naruto Fighting"! There are millions of "Naruto" fans all around the globe since the show has gotten so popular. Like Naruto, many young boys hoped to master martial arts and become self-sufficient. These hopes are certain to be realized today! To begin, choose a badass warrior to aid you in your quest to vanquish the game's foes. A trio of ninja warriors—Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake—will be among them. Select the protagonist you identify with, and you're set to go.

How To Play Naruto 3D Fighting?
In this action game, over the course of 10 stages, the player will face swarms of enemies intent on eliminating the player's formidable ninja. Your ninja arts and combat talents will help you defeat the bad guys, but only if you put them to use. You'll need to smash several flaming barrels and big wooden crates to go through the forest. You can conceal many things, from bananas to guns, in there. You can replenish your health with fruit and defeat several enemies using weaponry. Have fun, and perhaps you'll win in this fighting game!

Release Date   5 May 2021 13:44

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Inlogic Software developed the Naruto 3D Fighting Game!
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