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One Hit Samurai: Kurofune's Redemption

Immerse yourself in feudal Japan with "One Hit Samurai: Kurofune's Redemption", an epic action-adventure saga sprinkled with intense fighting sequences. The story unfolds in a quaint village where peace is shattered by the malevolent Akumo, who betrayed his kin and seized power—with the village's benevolent leader gone, despair and oppression descended upon the innocent.


Amidst the shadows of tyranny, the villagers' cries for salvation reach the ears of Kurofune, an aged samurai renowned for his legendary prowess. Bound by honour and a thirst for justice, Kurofune embarks on a dangerous quest to defeat the usurper and restore balance.


Visual Delight: The screen will come alive with Kurofune's majestic presence, garbed in traditional samurai armour, his blade gleaming with determination. Navigate through richly detailed landscapes, from the whispering bamboo forests to the bustling heart of the village.


A Dance of Blades: Engage in intricate combat, masterfully parrying enemy blows and delivering fatal strikes. In the game "One Hit Samurai: Kurofune's Redemption", every encounter tests skill and strategy, where a single well-placed strike can spell victory or doom.


Gameplay Mechanics:

  1. Masterful Movement: Utilize a responsive control scheme to traverse the environment, dodging hazards and ambushing foes.
  2. Dynamic Combat: Engage adversaries in fluid combat, employing a combination of offensive and defensive manoeuvres.
  3. Quests and Lore: Interact with villagers to gather vital intel and piece together the tragic tale of Akumo's treachery.

How to Play:

  • Adaptive Strategy: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent. Some may require swift strikes, while others demand a more measured approach.
  • Defend and Attack: Balance offense with defense. Anticipate enemy moves and counter them with perfectly timed parries and devastating blows.
  • Follow the Story: Venture more profoundly into the village, unravelling Akumo's nefarious plot and rallying allies for the impending showdown.  Best of luck in the game and with the fighting!

One Hit Samurai: Kurofune Game Controls
W, A, S, D: Movement
Q: Roll
Shift: Run
E: Lock on enemy
Right mouse button: attack 1 
Left mouse button: attack 2
Esc/P: Pause.

Date Added      Chicago Time: 7 October 2023

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One Hit Samurai: Kurofune


Hammer Games Studio developed the One Hit Samurai: Kurofune game with WebGL technology.
Check the video instruction of One Hit Samurai: Kurofune online here on

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