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What Is Rival Stars Horse Racing?
In this authentic horse simulator, you take on the role of a genuine rider competing in an equestrian event. Riding a horse is an art form that demands dedication and practice. For the sake of argument, let's say you're a seasoned rider who will compete. 

I like this concept! Let's start this competition and see whether you're the best horse rider. Let me show you how awesome you are by giving you a taste of the rush of racing.

The Rules of Rival Stars Horse Racing, Please!
You must make it through each of the game's stages to win. Who will you be riding with? Let's choose one first. When you start, you'll only have access to low-rated characters; to unlock better riders, you'll have to save enough money to purchase the most desirable jockey. After that, go out to the place with your horse and the challenges. 

Your exquisite timepiece has finally arrived! Manage your horse and reach this level by jumping over the obstacles as quickly as possible. You must focus on improving your jumping skills to overcome the challenges. If you don't win the first time, don't give up! You'll learn and grow into the champion that can win this challenge.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Controls:
Mouse- rotate the image
WASD- control a horse
Shift - walking slowly
F - sit on a horse
Spacebar - jump.

Date Added   Chicago Time: 9 December 2023 07:07

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Rival Stars Horse Racing

Content rating

Everyone, Pegi 3

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