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Fortnite Online China game it's now live on!
Enjoy the latest 3D shooting games and survival games like this new webGL Fortnite Online China game. Struggle to be the best and the last man standing to win this epic fun battle royale arena. What is different from the famous Fornite is this ''Fortnite Online China'' will only play again other 7 players on the map and after each kill or death players will respawn and parachute from the sky like in the Playground mode. After dropping from the plane be fast and scavenge for weapons while staying alive and attacking other players. You will land in a safe zone that will limit your access and restrict the players ground. This will make them more aggressive and you will find hard a safe place. Collect the weapons left from the other players after they die and make sure you check the supply drops to get extra ammo, healing, helmets and vests.
When you're in a fight and want to get away use the Shift key to sprint and escape. Enjoy the thrill of battleground online while trying to improve your skills and watch other pro players walk through and game-play to improve your strategy and become the best. If you enjoy this game you can also try this: Zombs, Zombie Siege Outbreak and Tank Off. Good luck and have fun!

Web browser.

Fortnite Online China was developed by DiaoChangNam.

Release Date
November 2018

  • A similar game to the famous Battle Royale developed in WebGL.
  • Awesome looking 3D graphics.
  • Compete against thousands of players all around to be the best.
  • Choose and select between many types of weapons.
  • There are different types of skins random given to players.
  • Collect bullets, bulletproof vests, helmets, bombs, and healing kits to restore your health.
  • Easy and fun to play.

More Information About Fortnite Online China
It's fun to play an entertaining battle royale game available online on The game is developed with WebGL technology to work perfectly in all modern browsers.

Video Instruction and Gameplay.

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