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Play the latest Battle Royale multiplayer game online like this awesome Zombs on Start playing the game,  parachute from a plane and search in certain zones for weapons and supplies. Move to another zone and avoid been killed by other players. Certain zones will provide more loot and better guns, shields and more better places to hide from other players. 
Enjoy have fun and always take in consideration the tips given. First tip is to avoid being caught by the poisonous gas that will shrink the zone and make it smaller. And the second one is try to take by surprise your enemies and avoid head to head contact. Have fun be a survival and enjoy this shooting .io game. Good luck!
Release Date
March, 2018
  • You can find more then 1000 unique character cosmetics.
  • Find a way to the top of the Leaderboards to be the best.
  • A lot supply and weapons like, shields, medic kit, grenades and many more supplies.
  • Play game modes like: Solo, Duo, Squad, Zombies, 50vs50 and many more fun modes.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Developer was made by Yang and Jeremiah.
Web browser, Android, and iOS

Tags: tagmultiplayer tagbattle tagfortnite tagzombies tagshooting tagsurvive tagweapons tagwebgl

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