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What Is Cat Simulator in the City Game About?
Welcome to the urban jungle, where the streets are bustling with life and adventure awaits at every corner! In "Cat Simulator in the City," you'll embark on a perfectly delightful journey as a feline explorer, navigating the vibrant metropolis with the curiosity and agility of a true city cat.

Step into the paws of a daring cat who's set out to carve its path in the big city after leaving the comforts of home behind. From scaling towering skyscrapers to prowling through bustling alleyways, experience the world through the eyes of a curious kitty in this immersive 3D city simulator.

Game Features: As you roam the streets, a plethora of exciting tasks and challenges await you:
🐾 Run and leap with feline grace, exploring every nook and cranny of the urban landscape.
🐾 Dodge passers-by and navigate the maze of traffic with lightning-fast reflexes. Watch out for cars!
🐾 Hone your hunting skills as you stalk and pounce on mice and pigeons, proving your prowess as a top predator of the concrete jungle.
🐾 Engage in epic cat battles as you vie for territory and dominance against rival felines.
🐾 Master the art of scavenging as you snatch food and newspapers from unsuspecting pedestrians, living off the bounty of the city streets.
🐾 Search high and low for sustenance, from dumpster diving for scraps to raiding backyard bird feeders like a true urban survivor.

Tips: "Cat Simulator in the City" offers a thrilling blend of exploration, action, and simulation, providing hours of entertainment for players of all ages. So, are you ready to embark on a whisker-tingling adventure through the city's heart? Grab your collar and get ready to roam the streets like never before!

How to play:
-Check your mission in the envelope icon and set out to fulfil your cat's objectives
-Use arrow keys or WASD to control your furry friend.
-Press SPACEBAR to leap with agility and LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to unleash your claws in combat.
-Monitor your cat's hunger, thirst, and sleep levels to ensure its well-being. Find bowls and cosy spots to rest scattered throughout the city.
-Press the E key on your keyboard (computer) or tap the "Paw" icon (mobile version) to eat, drink, and catch some z's.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 5

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