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What Is Army Recoup: Island 2
"Army Recoup: Island 2" has arrived on, offering players the eagerly awaited sequel to their all-time favorite game, Army Recoup! Brace yourself for a new level of challenge on an entirely new map, where the stakes are higher, and the zombies are more terrifying than ever before.
In this gripping installment, your survival skills will be put to the ultimate test. Face off against increasingly menacing waves of zombies, each more fearsome than the last. Your mission is clear: survive against all odds, complete challenging missions, and strive to stay alive for as long as possible.
The relentless undead hordes will push you to your limits, demanding quick thinking, precise aim, and strategic decision-making. The new map introduces fresh challenges, making every mission a pulse-pounding experience. Your ability to adapt and outmaneuver the relentless onslaught will determine your fate in this post-apocalyptic world.
Whether you choose the path of survival or embark on daring missions, your goal remains: confront the undead menace and emerge victorious. The immersive gameplay and enhanced graphics of Army Recoup: Island 2 deliver an even more intense and heart-pounding gaming experience.
Engage with this thrilling sequel, face the horror head-on, and test your mettle in the face of the zombie apocalypse. Can you survive the challenges of Army Recoup: Island 2 and triumph against the nightmarish undead? It's time to find out. Play now at!

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Army Recoup: Island 2

Date Added            Chicago Time: 25 July 2016 03:07
Platform                 PC and web browsers.

Content rating      Pegi 5

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