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The zombies in Zombotron 2 are as vicious and resourceful as ever, and they won't stop attacking you until you disable them totally. The gameplay and plot of Zombotron Time Machine, a new addition to the Zombotron world, are both enjoyable. Keep looking for treasure chests as you progress; they often contain helpful supplies such as first aid kits, more ammo, and additional cash.

What is the Zombotron II About?
The game "Zombotron 2" is a continuation of the well-known and well-liked game that was so successful that it overtook hundreds of other games in this genre. You find yourself on the planet Zombotron, just like in the first part, where a cosmic and mysterious world filled with monsters is waiting for you. In this world, you are tasked with exploring and looking for answers to all of your questions. Now everything is harder than it was before, and more deadly zombies will try to attack you, but the weapons you have at your disposal are now more awesome than they were before.
How To Play Zombotron II?
In addition to the well-known handgun and rifle, you now have access to a yellow zombie vehicle that you may drive to easily destroy all of the animals buried beneath. Make every effort to avoid being caught in traps or having explosives go off near you. Be wary of huge zombies carrying a gunpowder barrel as they charge at you; it is best to eliminate them from a safe distance.
WASD - traffic
Mouse  - fire
R  - reload weapons
Q  - change weapons
H - use a first aid kit
E - use/pick up an item

Release Date    July 2016
Updated On     11.11.2022

Armory games developed the Alien Transporter Game. But you can play it online for free and on mobile devices on!

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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