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Alien Transporter is an online arcade game that you can play for free here at
So join the latest armour games online for free here on our website. Alien Transporter game is free to play online just click to play online. In the Alien Transporter, you have to transport passengers from one place to another with your rocket-powered ship. You will be flying inside caverns filled with missile traps, falling rocks, and exploding barrels! Refuel your ship and collect coins along the way, all while keeping your ship intact. You can also play with a friend. 
Alien Transporter tips and tricks:
Moving travellers from one spot to another can be exhausting. Yet, it's significantly more invigorating when you're flying a rocket-fueled boat within caves loaded up with falling rocks, rocket traps, and detonating barrels! Fly the outsiders from one spot to another, refuel your ship, and gather coins while keeping your boat flawless. Two individuals can play simultaneously, so you can help out a companion and see who can play out awesome! For an extra test, actuate no-nonsense mode in the choices and perceive how well you can direct without empowered the programmed flight demeanour framework. 
Question about the game!
What number of an outsider would you be able to move inside a restricted time? With what sort of vehicle? It is an outsider vehicle that has two rocket motors, and it can just have one traveller. The travellers will check where they need to follow. They get on. Get the outsiders where they need to pass via landing effectively. Approaching the finish of the game, the player who ships more outsiders will dominate the competition. 

How to play Alien Transporter?
Use your mouse to navigate the menus.
Player 1 uses arrow keys to move,
Player 2 uses WASD to move.
Kindly press moving keys to actuate this player. 
Release Date    April 2016

The Alien Transporter Game was developed by Armorygames. But you can play it online free and on mobile devices on!

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction and the gameplay of Alien Transporter online here on

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