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War Robots Merge: Enter the Galactic Arena of Mech Mayhem!
Gear up for an adrenaline-packed journey into the heart of a distant galaxy with "War Robots Go: Combat Robot Fusion." Immerse yourself in the biggest survival tournament where combat robots clash in fierce battles, and only one can emerge as the ultimate champion. Will you have what it takes to build your battle mech, eliminate rivals, and claim victory in this thrilling cosmic showdown? The arena awaits your command!

Embark on a Mech Odyssey:
Step into the shoes of a futuristic mech pilot as you enter the sprawling arena set against the backdrop of a distant galaxy. Your mission is clear: rise to the top by constructing the most formidable combat robot and asserting dominance over adversaries. The journey is fraught with peril, but the rewards are legendary for those who dare to compete.

Command Your Mech Warrior:
Master the controls with a virtual joystick, responding to your every touch or click, and prepare for a relentless battle. Navigate the arena strategically, collecting crucial parts that augment your firepower. Assemble your war machine on the fly, evolving from a mere contender to a devastating killing force. Engage in automatic attacks, unleashing projectiles upon foes within range and asserting your dominance in the cosmic clash.

Choose Your Mech, Shape Your Destiny:
In "War Robots Go," diversity is key. Unlock 5 unique bots of your choosing, each offering distinctive abilities and playstyles. These mechanical behemoths can be unleashed onto the battlefield, wreaking havoc and turning the tide of battle. Forge your path to victory, experimenting with different mechs to find the perfect match for your combat strategy.

Upgrade and Conquer: Victory is not just about skill; it's about evolution. Earn coveted S coins through triumphs in battle, unlocking the gateway to upgrades. Enhance your mech's characteristics, fortifying its defenses and amplifying its destructive potential. Smart choices in customization will pave the way for your ascent on the leaderboard, bringing you one step closer to becoming the true champion of the tournament.

Cosmic Showdown: As the arena pulses with energy and the clash of metal echoes through the cosmos, seize the opportunity to assert your dominance. Destroy as many enemies as possible, strategically positioning yourself for success. Scale the leaderboard, leaving a trail of defeated foes in your wake, and bask in the glory of a well-fought victory.

Rewards and Riches:
Success in battle yields more than just glory. Claim generous rewards that enhance your arsenal and propel you further toward mechanized supremacy. Navigate the dynamic world of "War Robots Go," where luck favors the bold, and every conquest brings you one step closer to ultimate victory.

The stage is set, and the galaxy awaits your prowess. Will you rise to the challenge, construct an indomitable mech, and etch your name into the annals of mech combat history? "War Robots Go" beckons you to embark on an unforgettable journey, where only the strongest survive and emerge as champions of the cosmic arena. May your mechs be mighty, and your battles epic! The arena awaits you in this fun fighting 3d game here on!

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War Robots Merge

Developer developed the War Robots Merge game with WebGL and HTML5 technology.
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