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Game info: The Tom And Jerry Show Blast Off

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What Is The Tom and Jerry Show Blast Off?
Join the iconic duo, Tom and Jerry, in an exhilarating adventure as they set their sights on the stars in "The Tom and Jerry Show: Skyward Shenanigans!" A captivating blend of creativity, strategy, and classic cartoon humor awaits players of all ages!

A Rocket Quest with Our Favorite Foes:

The ceaseless chase continues! But this time, it's in the vastness of the sky. With his endless ambition, Tom aspires to craft the most exceptional rocket to soar high among the stars. And, as always, mischievous Jerry can't help but meddle. Engage in a delightful escapade where drawing, coloring, and flying create an unforgettable gaming experience.


Craft, Color, & Conquer the Sky:

Begin by choosing the desired rocket blueprint for our daring duo. Channel your inner artist, using your mouse to trace along the dotted patterns and infuse them with vibrant colors, bringing the rocket to life. With your creation complete, it's time for takeoff! But, with Jerry at the launch controls, expect the unexpected.

Engage in a high-flying challenge, steering the rocket through loops and evading rapid descents. Tap, hold, and navigate using your mouse to keep Tom's flight steady and prolonged. The sky is not just the limit but a playground of chaos and fun!


A Parachuting Finale:

But what goes up must come down! After the adrenaline-filled rocket ride, watch as Tom, equipped with a parachute, navigates his descent back to solid ground. Ensure a safe and smooth landing, avoiding any potential obstacles along the way.


Join the Adventure:

Experience Tom and Jerry's unparalleled hilarity and classic antics in this fresh, innovative game! Perfect for fans old and new, "The Tom and Jerry Show: Skyward Shenanigans!" promises laughter, challenges, and endless entertainment. So why wait? Dive into this thrilling aerial adventure exclusively at and try more fun Cartoon Network and Boomerang Games to have a blast!

Date Added   Chicago Time: 15 October 2023

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The Tom and Jerry Show Blast Off

Content rating

Everyone, Pegi 3

To better understand the game, you can check the video instructions and the gameplay of The Tom and Jerry Show Blast Off online here on

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