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What Is Sniper: Africa Game!
🦁🎯🌿Step into the wild savannah of Africa and embark on an exhilarating hunting adventure in Sniper: Africa! This animal hunting simulator offers an array of weapon kits and challenges that will keep shooting game enthusiasts and hunting aficionados hooked for hours.

With seven different animals to encounter, each presenting unique behaviours, Sniper: Africa promises an immersive experience. While some animals will flee upon spotting you, others will fiercely defend themselves if they sense danger lurking nearby.

Armed with four weapons, including three rifles and a crossbow, players can customize their arsenal with various sights and silencers. Choose four skins for each weapon to suit your style and preference, enhancing your hunting prowess in the African wilderness.

Equipping your weapon with a silencer ensures stealthy approaches, preventing animals from being startled and fleeing. With 30 challenging levels to conquer, players must hone their marksmanship skills and strategic thinking to succeed.

In Sniper: Africa, timing is crucial. Track down elusive animals and neutralize them before the timer runs out, aiming for their most vulnerable spots for swift and efficient takedowns. Earn money for completing tasks and utilize it to upgrade your weapon's performance in the shop.

Whether traversing the savannah on foot or opting for a faster approach with a rented jeep, exercise caution around predators to avoid becoming their prey. With stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and atmospheric locations, Sniper: Africa offers a truly authentic hunting experience.

Are you ready to test your skills and embark on the ultimate hunting expedition across the African plains? Experience the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of a successful hunt in Sniper: Africa unblocked! Expectations and delivers a truly unforgettable hunting gaming experience.

How to play
The goal of the game is to hunt animals.
Shoot - left mouse button.
Aim - right mouse button.
Recharge - R
Pause - Esc

Control for smartphones is presented in the form of buttons on the screen.

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Date Added           Chicago Time: 31 March 2024 13:54
Platform                PC, Web browsers and mobile devices.

Content rating 
 Pegi 12

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