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Game info: Wild Hunt Hunting Games 3D

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Embark on the ultimate hunting journey in "Wild Hunt: Apex Predators of the Frontier." Dive deep into the world's most mesmerizing landscapes, from dense rainforests and vast savannas to the icy realms of the north, in a 3D hunting simulation that's as close to the real thing as possible!

Description: In "Wild Hunt," the natural world is your playground and challenge. Every hunt pushes you to understand your prey, and only the most skilled and strategic will rise to become the legends of the frontier.
Realistic 3D Environments: Explore an unparalleled, highly detailed world that comes alive. From the rustling of leaves as deer move stealthily to the distant roar of a lion, every detail is crafted to heighten your hunting experience.
Diverse Wildlife: Hunt various animals, from the elusive deer and cunning fox to the mighty bears and ferocious lions. Learn their patterns, track their movements, and anticipate their behaviours to get the perfect shot.
Precision and Strategy: The right gear, the perfect timing, and unmatched precision - that's the trifecta of a successful hunt. Customize your hunting gear, upgrade your weapons, and improve your skills as you play.
Dynamic Weather & Day-Night Cycle: The elements play a crucial role. Rain, snow, day, or night - every condition presents challenges.
Hunt or Be Hunted: The frontier is unforgiving. While you stalk your prey, apex predators might be stalking you. Always be alert!
Challenges and Tournaments: Join global events and compete against other players in intense hunting tournaments. Prove your skills and earn exclusive rewards.

Unleash your primal instincts, respect the laws of nature, and immerse yourself in a game where every hunt tests your skills and patience. "Wild Hunt: Apex Predators of the Frontier" - where the line between hunter and hunted blurs. Are you ready to face the wild? Get ready to experience the game that defies expectations and delivers a truly unforgettable hunting gaming experience.

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-Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D

Date Added           Chicago Time: 16 September 2023
Platform                PC, and Web browser.

Content rating 
 Pegi 12

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