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What exactly is "Protect My Dog 2" and what does it do?
They attacked him with a swarm of furious bees and let free him. In order to protect the dog from the bees, it is important to block off an area that is completely free of them. There are a total of 85 levels to complete, and each one becomes more difficult as you go. The book "Protect My Dog" has become an instant classic thanks to children of all ages all across the world. After all, each one of us is a kind person who will do all in our power to rescue the lives of animals who are in danger. On this day, you will protect the lovely Barbos from the venomous bees by shielding them with your body while they get stung. They are really concerned about avoiding being taken prisoner by them. You should do all in your power to assist him, but stay out of his way when he begins to grumble about the obstinate bees.
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To get started, turn on the game and use the mouse to make the best possible attempt at drawing a line. As you are building a solid barrier to protect them for ten seconds under the worst circumstances that the natural world has to offer, keep the environment and the physical laws that govern it in mind. Even though things seem to be uncomplicated at first glance, the reality is that not everyone has the same opportunities to be successful in spite of the challenges that they face. Participate in a fantastic endeavour, and demonstrate the amazing qualities you possess. Play and have fun in this puzzle fun kids' skill game here on Brightygames!

Release Date          February 2023
Updated On           24 February 2023

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

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