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And join the exciting action-adventure game 60 Seconds Burger Run places you in the role of a platformer and gives you the mission of assisting a chubby little guy in his quest to reach his favorite hamburger joint before it shuts down for the day. Move around the board, climb over the enormous barriers, get to the bus stop as soon as you can in each round, and attempt to get inside a quick-service restaurant before it shuts.
What Is 60 Seconds Burger Run?
It is such a tremendous and unique running game that offers you the fantastic opportunity to use the arrow keys to run as quickly as possible to complete the race successfully in 60 seconds without any other problems! 60 Seconds Burger Run is an incredible and unique running game that offers you the fantastic opportunity to use the arrow keys to run as quickly as possible! You have to ensure that you won't skip out on this job; therefore, let's ensure that we get all the burgers in each stage. There won't be any actual burgers, but there will be a bus station from which you can catch a bus that will take you directly to the region with the burgers, so let's make sure that you can get to the station as quickly as possible, preferably in less than one minute!
Tips And How To Play 60 Seconds Burger Run?
The bus will take you directly to the next level, so pay care so that you do not contact the sharp spikes, which would kill you with just a single touch, fall into the bottomless pits, or destroy the platforms because this person is so obese as a result of his addiction to burgers. Try not to make too forceful jumps on the platforms since some of them will break with our fat man, and figure out how to get to the essential stations in the lowest amount of time so that you don't run out of time! There are instances when it is necessary to destroy the platforms; therefore, do it on purpose, so play and have fun in this running and fun kids' classic skill game here on Brightygames!

Release Date          December 2016
Updated On           January 2023

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

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