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Game info: Insane Truckers Description

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Description: This driving game is something else you have to compete against other truck that are beside you, you can see them but you cant bump in them. Insane Truckers will test your driving skills to the maximum, but you must look out for different obstacles that you may find. In order to be the first at the finish line you must know when to back up a little and let your opponents take the heat, this is the case of the mine bombs they can make you loose control but if somebody else takes the hit then you have a good chance to pass right beside them. This urban truck driving game is more complex than you think, after you get used to the mine bombs on the road you must do everything you can in order to take the money bonus. After each level you will get some cash and with the bonuses in the race you can make some crucial upgrades or you can buy a new truck. Without this upgrades you don't have a chance so you must collect as much money you can. Adding the possibility to upgrade and buy a new truck makes Insane Truckers stand out. Playing this game is much more than using your arrows to control the truck, you must make good decisions when it comes to spend your money this is just as important as your driving skills. After you get use with your opponents you find out how fun this game really is.
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