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Game info: Endless Dusk

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Description: Play online Endless Dusk here on BrightyGames. Find objects within each level of the world to progress to new worlds & levels. We are quite sure that you haven't heard about this village we are talking about, but that's ok since it is about a place located far, far away from here. The people from this place lived happily but that was just before the eclipse that changed things completely, unfortunately in a wrong way. The main character in today's game is Meothea. It seems that only Meothea knew what should be done but she hadn't chance to do that because the spell could be broken only on a day of another eclipse and that day is actually today. On this day Meothea will take things in her own hands and she will try to put an end to this endless dusk, bringing again sun in her village. Good luck!
Tags: tagendless dusk taghidden objects tagfind objects tagmeothea taghidden tagobservation

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