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What Is Electric Man 3?
Step into the electrifying arena of "Electric Man 2," where voltage meets velocity in a clash of high-energy combat. As a contender in the Tournament of Voltagen, you're not just any fighter—you're an electric stickman with a lethal array of moves and the ambition to be crowned the ultimate champion in a world where the current is king.
Your Mission: Surge to Victory: In this futuristic realm, it's your mission to surge through the ranks of skilled adversaries and secure your place as the master of volts. You'll punch, kick, and throw your way through a series of combative challenges, each more electrifying than the last.
Dynamic Gameplay Controls:
Harness the power of electricity with precision through an intuitive control system:
Dash left and right with the Left/Right arrow keys, mastering the battlefield's flow.
Employ the Down arrow key to deftly dodge incoming attacks, maintaining your electric edge.
Attack with a quick punch using 'A', a swift kick with 'S', and a grappling grab with 'D'.
Amplify your assault with SlowMotion attacks: 'Q' for Punch, 'W' for Kick, and 'E' for Grab, delivering high-voltage havoc to your foes.
Each battle move, supercharged with your run, morphs into a new display of power, ensuring that no two fights are ever the same.
Conserve and Command Your Power: With battery points fueling your SlowMotion manoeuvres, strategy is key. These enhanced attacks pack a powerful punch, but your energy reserves limit them. Fear not, for your power regenerates, readying you for the next round of combat.
Diverse Adversaries Await: As the Tournament intensifies, so do your opponents. From the mirror-like precision of the Replicants to the icy onslaught of The Frozen, the heat of battle will test your mettle. Face the elite Cirrian Guard and the hazardous Toxic10, adapting your strategy and proving your prowess.
Save Your Progress for the Next Charge: With the Save/Load feature, your journey through the Tournament of Voltage doesn't have to end in one sitting. Record your progress with codes at critical checkpoints, allowing you to jump back into the fray exactly where you left off. Are you ready to embrace the power within and fight to become the ultimate electric gladiator? "Electric Man 2" isn't just a game—it's a current that courses through the veins of virtual warriors. Charge up, step into the arena, and let the electric symphony of battle begin! Prepare for the brawl of a lifetime! Join the excitement in this action-packed fighting game, which will provide a physically demanding sport. Best of luck in the game and with the fighting!
Release Date     April 2013
Date Added      Chicago Time: 5 April 2013 17:17
Updated On      01.11.2023
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Blue Wizard Digital developed the Electric Man 2 game with flash/Ruffle technology.
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