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Game info: Xeno Tactic 2

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Description: Play online for free the latest strategy and tower defence games. Cool games like this new Xeno Tactic 2 game. Its back, but this time its better than before. Xeno Tactic 2 is here. Gun down the moving vehicles in a wave of attacks, before they reach the other side. Classic defense game shoot the waves of enemies. Click on a tower to select it and information about that tower will appear at the top info screen and upgrade panel. Once you have selected a tower move the cursor back onto the map to cancel use spacebar or mouse wheel up or down if the contour of the tower goes red, you cannot place a tower there. You can only place walls on the road, but keep in mind you can construct a tower over it.Towers can be upgraded to increase their powers. First select a build tower on the map. Click on upgrade damage, or range or speed button of the towers to increase.Place some towers onto the map walls.You are now ready to defend against the first wave of vehicles. Press the start button to begin.
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