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Description: Looking for a new unity 3D challenge? How about a boat driving and scuba diving games? The game it's called 3D wreck raider and you can play it online for free here on brightygames along with some of the best free online 3D unity games. Your goal or your mission in this new wreck raider games is to drive your boat in the Bermuda Triangle where you will dive and search for gold and other stuff at the button of the sea. How nous the area it's full of various wrecks, which was not discovered yet. Find gold and become a rich and famous diver like for example Max Guevara. Like many before her, she finds herself trapped by the curse: How to escape from it? Have fun exploring the underwater world full with fish turtles and even sharks. Use your knife to keep you safe and enjoy the wonderful game. And play as a diver and shipwreck hunter of international renown. Good luck and have the best time online here on Also try our other similar 3D unity adventure games. Have fun!
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