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Game info: William And Sly 2 Description

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Description: William and Sly 2 free online adventure games. Manages the fox into a new adventure that will search through the woods all kinds of treasures and hidden secrets, use the map to keep going. The sequel to William and Sly, a platforming adventure game in which you play as a fox. Explore a grass-clad mountain as you try to retrieve all of the journal entries of your pal, William. Collect mushrooms, keys, and bombs that are scattered throughout the mountain. Use keys to open treasure chests and use bombs to blow up large stones. If you want to collect everything, you'll need to search every nook and cranny of the mountain, and discover its many secrets. So are you up to it? do you thing you got what its takes to finish this free online adventure game called William and Sly 2? Enjoy
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