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Got the stuff to be a definitive passage sprinter? Race at mind-blowing quick velocities through more than 1000 fluctuating passages staying away from whatever holds you up. Space Tunnel is a reflex game where you stay away from snags to get to the extent that you can beat your companions or your own best score. The game offers many testing game modes. Surge down the bright passage at high velocity, gather gold and jewels, utilize your uncommon capacities carefully. Essentially the best passage surge game in its classification! Will the beat responsive climate lead you into a catastrophic accident? Are your reflexes sufficiently sharp test them in Tunnel Runner unblocked? Each run will be one of a kind, highlighting various tunes and testing hindrances. Race against the world and surge the top leaderboard spots and enjoy this cool 3D game in space.
Tunnel Runner game features: 
- High-quality graphics
- Endless passages 
- Race down burrows and along pipes keeping away from everything 
- Mercy safeguards since we aren't just insidious 
- Progressive trouble framework to keep you on your feet.
Release Date     September 2021

Type                     WebGL - Html5

Content rating
Pegi 3

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