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Description: This one is going to be the most addicted game in unity 3d you have ever played. The Muck Wars is the latest Unity 3D action game that will delight from the beginning. The wars of Muck are finally going to happen. In the new unity 3d game the muck wars it's all about a peaceful planet that was attacked by alien creatures who want to destroy all the inhabitants and get their hands on the planet Hub. Your name is Max and you have come to past to save the planet from Muck Menace. Fight and kill them all in this adventurous unity 3d war game. Complete all missions don't let any enemy to try to stop you from your quest. Help Max to fight the monsters using many fight techniques that you need to destroy monsters that threaten the planet. Together with your friends you succeed to complete all the missions and get rid the planet from enemy invasion. Show that you are the man for this mission! Enjoy the unity 3d game muck wars. Brighty Games is waiting for with thousand free flash online games for you and your friends.
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