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Game info: Taxi Driver Challenge Description

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Description: Hello brightygames fans! We have a 3d taxi game for free just for you! Taxi Driver Challenge has just been released by VitalityGames. Got behind the taxi wheel and start now this free online game. Your mission in this game is to drive your cabbie around the city and look out for passengers. Too pick up a customer, you have to stop the car on the indicated circle. After you picked up the client, you have to follow the arrows to find the destination where your client need to get. Park the car on the indicated area. With the money you already raised keep your car fueled or repair the damages. To refuel the car your need 150$, and if you need to repair your car you need 300$.This game offers 3 levels. To pass the 1st level, you have to take 5 people to the destination. To pass the 2nd level, you need to get 3000$. The last level needs 20 people to get to their destinations if you want to pass it. You need to be careful not to kill more than 4 people because the police will come after you and you will restart the level. For sure you will have fun with this brand new taxi game here at Good luck and try more free online games just here!
Tags: tagcars tagtaxi tagdriving tagparking tagpeople tagpolice tagcity