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Game info: Table Black Jack Description

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Description: Play Blackjack for free on for a traditional Las Vegas rules, six-deck shoe blackjack experience. Hit, stand or bust. Double down or split. Casino blackjack, or 21, is by far the most popular table game offered in gambling establishments.The standard Blackjack game is played with one or more Anglo-American decks containing 52 cards.Your goal is to hit 21, but the risk of busting is exponentially higher after your card hand value reaches 15. This is usually the point at which you must decide to play it safe or take the gamble and get hit. Up until 15, it's almost always advisable to hit, as there are only four point values high enough for you to bust at 14 (8, 9, 10 and face cards). Most Blackjack players hit until about 17, but to play it safe, 15 is the first advisable value to stand on. Also, be cognizant of what the dealer holds. If they start with 7, feel confident hitting until 17, because chances are high they will near it. Hope you're going to love it! Share these free online games with your friends!
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