Game info: Supercar Endless Rush

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Description: Play the latest html5 and webGL vitality exclusive games online for free on the engine and drive fast through the endless city blocks. Escape the police cars that are chasing you and collect coins to buy faster rides. Collect gold coins each round and earn more to buy faster rides. Buy faster cars and stay ahead of the police cars. Gold coins nitro and shield will help you make it and stay alive. Double the coins from the levels from the x2 coins. Enjoy driving cars like Ford Mustang,Hummer H3,Mclaren,Bugatti,Lamborghini and the Marussia Russian B2.The longer you go the more speed you will get try to keep yourself alive. Diamonds from the road will help you continue game from where you died or just buy more lives.Enjoy the thrill of driving in endless city streets and have fun online driving many different cars.
Tags: tagdriving games tagpolice games tagescape games tagendless running tagcar endless games tagvitalitygames

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