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Game info: Sunshine City Parking Description

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Description: If you love cars and parking games you should definitely play online this new game called Sunshine City Parking here on BrightyGames. This game offers you 53 parking spots in 15 intense levels. You are able to unlock other cars after level 3, 6 and 10 and of course you will have to get used to each car because they present different engine features. You must use your driving and parking skills to finish this game. You have to follow the arrows on the road to find the parking spots and also there's indicated which way you must park your car. Pay lots of attention because the parking areas are very crowded and it's very easy to hit your car. Be careful when you have to park across the street because there's traffic and some cars will try to confuse you. If you get hit or if your car is too damaged you will have to restart the level and try again. Test your parking skills and enjoy this awesome and intense game here on Good luck and have fun!
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