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And join yet another cool clone of the famous Netflix Korean series of e the green and red light death run! Where plenty of people are competing in a life and death race to the finish line in six child games, with the purpose of qualifying at the end of each round to win the prize money. With simple controls, just the mouse move, run and stop as the light indicates, When green is on then run when red is on stop or you will die.

What is Squid Game? 
Squid Game is a spine chiller from Korea, that started on Netflix on 17 September. It has become one of the most notable shows on Netflix and has shot to the most noteworthy place of the streaming stage's diagrams. The show portrays a lamentable reality where a clandestine affiliation collects people who are in a ton of commitment and "living on the edge". They ought to battle in a movement of young adult games for the chance to win a giant measure of money, $38.5m simultaneously, clearly, there's a breeze. if you like this gameplay another cool 3D Squid Game game and see if you like it! Good luck and have fun in this 3D runner.

Release Date    October 15 2021

The Squid Game was developed by Voodo. But you can play it online free and on mobile devices on along with another multiplayer game called game.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 10

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction and the gameplay of Squid Game online here on

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