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Description: Play online this interesting shooting game here on BrightyGames. An entire genre of quirky games featuring the simplistic animation of stick figures is on the rise. A notable contributor to this craze is the Sift Heads games involving stickman shooting and action. The original series of five games has led to a following of "shoot-'em-up" games. Sift Heads 1 is the beginning of the entire saga and follows Vinnie through six missions. Each mission has a remarkably straightforward premise and is presented to the player via a static screen with the mission name, objective, and payoff price. Each objective screen also has a handy hint to help players get a better idea of what they are searching for. Since every character is a stick man, it can sometimes be exceedingly tough to tell which person is the target. Taking down innocent pedestrians counts as a Failed Mission, and Vinnie has to go back and retry the mission if this is the case. Ammunition is not purchased in the game, and hitting the "R" button on the keyboard reloads Vinnie's gun. Have fun!
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