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Game info: Shadow Truck Jumps

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Description: Shadow Truck Jumps is now available here on Are you ready to feel the adrenaline pumping with speed in your hole body? Then this new game is now ready to be taken. You will find this game very challenging but in the same time addictive and tricky in a funny way. On your way you will have some stars to collect and other items. You have the opportunity to change your shadow monster truck with another that is more equipped and more appropriate for the hardness the game is going to hit you with. These 15 levels will bring out the driver you are. By playing this new exclusive game ''Shadow Truck Jumps'' it will reveal the drier inside of you. Get your skills ready for a journey where shadow is everywhere and there is no turning back now. All you can do is drive as fast as you can in order to finish the level. But be careful to the lives you've got. If you are not careful enough then your awesome shadow monster truck might blow up. Drive safe and be sure to share our game among your friends! Have fun!
Tags: tagmonster truck tagshadow tagstunts tagexplode tagramps tagdrive

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