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If you like running, then in this classic madness Olympic game, where you are Qwop will make you addicted! Use the QWOP keys to move your legs. Ideally, you will run 100 meters. But our training program was underfunded. Can you make this athlete run and perform a long jump? Do the right moves and beat your own record. This game is very hard! Prove your sport by running a classic skill game in this free online Olympic Game called QWOP. To become a pro in ''QWOP'', read below the cool indication on how to reach at least 50 meters from this sport game!

How do you recommend playing Qwop?
1. Start the splits by pressing and holding W. To get a head start, squeeze your left thigh by pressing and holding W at the beginning of the race. You'll leap with one leg out in front and the other behind. The runner should be allowed to fall to the point where he is supported by his front foot and rear knee. If your landing distance is more than 1.5 meters, pop the champagne.

To go ahead, use the W button. If your leading leg isn't wholly extended, you may get an extra few centimeters of forward movement by pressing W. As soon as your runner stops moving, go to the next stage. Put away your knowledge of standing up. Children are the only ones who buy into the myth that they can stand still forever.
3. To bring your rear leg forward, tap Q. If you press down for too long, you can fall over. Give it a little tap to move your back knee forward, so it is just behind your butt. Unless you've played for less than 10 seconds, Usain Bolt has already won the race. Put aside your emotions and keep your cool.
4. Keep tapping the W key. There is more space to scoot now that your hind leg is in front of it. You may touch W repeatedly by bouncing on your back leg or dragging it gently. When your front leg is completely extended, or if other taps do not elicit further movement, you may safely stop tapping. Not a single supporter can be seen since they all jogged home.
5. Swap between Q and W every five turns. With practice, you can slide forward on your knees without much risk of falling. You can get there by rapidly tapping between the two keys, but you'll get there more quickly and with less risk of tendinitis if you use longer bursts of movement. You may lunge forward by pressing Q to pull your knee forward, then pressing W again. Iterate until the last obstacle is reached. As a game, QWOP is just too simple. Toss the O and P keys, please.
6. Learn the dance steps. With enough practice, you'll develop a better feel for the controls, but it may be a while before you understand what each button does. Listed below is a simple description of how the knobs and switches function:
- The right thigh is brought forward, while the left is pushed back while doing the Q.
- W brings the left thigh forward and the right thigh back.
- O flexes his right knee while extending his left.
- P flexes his right knee while extending his left.

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The QWOP Olympic Games was developed by Foddy.

Release Date          October 2012
Updated On          29.11.2022

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 5

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