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Game info: Quarter Back Description

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Description: When you play Quarterback you will feel like on a real football field, you will even see the cheerleaders that encourage you! So, if you are in the mood to play quarterback football games I recommend you try some rounds of Quarterback! As I am sure that you guessed, this time you will be impersonating a quarterback from a very famous American football team that now has to guard the ball and himself from the opponent team. When starting playing you will find yourself in the middle of the field… what you have to do is to throw the ball towards the players from the other team which you will see running towards you. You have to stop them from reaching you; if they reach you they will take your ball and you will loose! The point of all these is to guard the ball as long as you can and also pass it to your team mates – this way you will earn points! If you feel like to play quarterback football games for a loner period of time just to see how long you can resist, Quarterback gives you the opportunity to play an unlimited game, meaning without any time limit! You can take this as a practice before starting the championship!
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