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Game info: Police Car Parking Description

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Description: Looking for a new challenge with police cars, to test your driving and parking skills? How about this new exclusive called Police Car Parking? If you like American muscle cars then you will love this game. Do you think that driving a powerful police car with lots of power and rear wheel drive throw some crowded parking it's easy? Then prove it in our exclusive game and 18 intense parking spots the game has to offer.Prove your driving and parking skills in our exclusive car parking game. Take it slow and use Space to brake the police car when you push it too hard. Speed it's not the way to win this new challenge. Patience and precision it's key to success. While playing the Police Car parking game you have to keep an eye on the life, time and all the obstacles the levels have to offer.Use arrow keys to steer and drive your police super-car and tray to park as fast as you can to get a better time and unlock new levels.Prove your driving and parking skills in this new challenge and sow you are the best police car parking online. Good luck and have fun!
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