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Game info: Nascar Racing

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Description: NASCAR - National Association of Serial Car Racing, established in the distant 1947 in the United States. Spectacular races on the stock-car are held on the 858-meter oval track Bristol Motor Speedway. After all, the track of the oval shape is simple only in appearance. In fact, the rider will demonstrate a first-class art of driving, which includes a quick calculation of the trajectory of the rivals in order to prevent them from penetrating into loopholes and bypassing your car. At the same time, you need to constantly monitor your car, gave you a little slack, then blow it into the wall, lose time on it and lose it. Because of that, gather and take part in the Running for the Cup, spectacular and beautiful show on an incredible track. To go to the next level of the race, lead at each stage.
Tags: tagnascar tagcar tagrace tagspeed tagboys tagtracks tagdrive

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