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Game info: Min Hero Tower Of Sages

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Play the latest RPG fighting games with heroes and level up online on
Click to play Min Hero: Tower of Sages games on In Min Hero: Tower of Sages game, you will move around with W, A, S, D, or the arrow keys and interact with the space bar.
Hit the menu button in the bottom-right corner to bring up options to save, check your status, and assign the stars you win to upgrade your pets. When you enter into a minion throw-down with another character, the format is pretty familiar... the team that knocks out all the other's minions is the winner.
Minions come in all shapes and sizes, and the elements they and their attacks are based on determine what they're weak or strong against. While the red bar represents each minion's health, the blue bar represents their energy, and since each attack uses a certain amount of energy, you need to give careful thought to the attacks you're using and who you're going up against.
Once you've beaten a character, you can just talk to them again to replay the battle for more experience points.

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