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Description: Looking online for something to test your master parking skills? How about a 18 wheeler flash truck parking and skill game? Try your skills in our latest and exclusive Just park it 2 game. Just part it 2 it's a second version of ''Just part it'' flash parking game. Like the first version it's improved and more hard to play. More levels and less life for your truck. So if you are playing for the first time this online parking game you must master the truck and the trailer in first levels to be able to survive from level 3, after 3 levels difficulty its increased so make sure you perfect you're driving and parking skills to be able to finish all levels and become the best truck driver in the game. Use arrow keys to steer and driver your truck and press Space to brake the long vehicle. You have to park in each levels 3 parking spots. Each parking it's different from the other. Each level has different parking spots and difficulty. So have fun and improve your parking skills to the max to become the ultimate truck driver out there. And if you finish the game and still want more tray the first version of the game called "Just park it". Have the best time online with our exclusive cars and trucks parking games, and have a blast with our latest "Just park it 2"games. Good luck and have fun!
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