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Do you have a penchant for puzzle games? Have you yearned for an intellectual pastime that combines enjoyment and mental rigour? If so, we have just a recommendation for you: Impossible Colors! You might wonder, what's this puzzle game all about? Let us delve into the details. Impossible Colors is a game that's as straightforward to grasp as it is satisfying to play. Its core concept revolves around moving a black cube towards the coloured cubes on a digital game board. But how do you discern which coloured cube to target first? It's quite straightforward: the cubes are marked, providing clear directions on where to proceed. However, the real challenge lies in your path to get there.
What Is Impossible Colors?
The design of the levels is reminiscent of optical illusions, often presenting seemingly insurmountable navigation challenges. It's your task to overcome these obstacles and reach your target. However, be cautious not to make an excessive number of moves, as it can negatively impact your score. Those are the basics you need to get your gameplay started. Now, all that remains is for you to click the Play button and let's embark on this cerebral adventure!

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